Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding Reception - Taiping, Perak

28-11-10: Preparation starts from 3pm onwards... The final event is the hardest moment for us to get through as we are extremely tired due to the rush hours in getting everything done to complete the last section of our fairy tale.

The only problem which upset us the most occurred at this very moment - The breakdown of sound system at some point in the ballroom. It's quite annoyed and disappointed us a lot! This is the only imperfection in our fairy tale...huh...

However, those happy faces and cheering from our guests calm us down. Enjoyment is then filled in the air. We aware that we really should enjoy the last moment to the fullest, since this is one of the moments we've been waiting for. And yes! We did! We almost forget the little tiny problem thereafter...

The Grand Ballroom in SSL Hotel

Music for walk-in is the same as in KK Reception: Circle of Life (by London Orchestra) for parents, and I See You (Avatar Soundtrack) for us

We hardly hear the walk-in song! **Stressful**

Ah... We still need to carry ourselves out there, although there's interruption with the sound system! *Sigh*

Believe this: SMILE gives you a power for self-recovery

It's 2nd half! The event is gonna over soon! So let's enjoy! (We bother no more on the sound system problem)

Let's Yammm Seeeenng for once again!

We LOVE All our guests for a cheerful night!

It's her birthday today! Let us celebrate her birthday too!

And also hers... Happy Birthday!

Ohhhh Yesss! It's finally over!
Blend of smiles and tears end the day...

This is the complete story of our Fairy Tale.

You may view our wedding photo clips from the websites below:

Hugs & Kisses from us,
Mr & Mrs Ong